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The Problem

  • Lombard loans are typically only available to clients with £1m + 

  • Mass affluent clients cannot utilise Lombard Loans to meet their short-term liquidity needs.

  • These clients don't have access to more flexible tax planning solutions nor leverage their investments to grow their wealth.

  • Even for HNW clients, non bank wealth managers need to move custody of assets to a private bank to offer Lombard Loans, so lose out on custody revenue and AUM.

  • Private banks have long and complex account opening processes, so don't meet client liquidity needs in time.

  • Non bank wealth managers often can’t compete against private banks, so lose assets to them or clients liquidates assets to meet liquidity needs and disrupt long term investment strategies.

Our Solution

  • Firenze provides Lombard Loans from £25k so that a broader range of clients than ever before can benefit from flexible liquidity solutions 

  • Seamlessly integrated in to investment platforms & wealth managers so that you can control the offering under your brand 

  • Lending decisions within 24 hours and funds within 72 hours in most cases 

  • Lent on a cross-custody basis so no need to move the assets – helping drive AUM & revenue 

  • Transparent pricing & lending policies so you can be certain of execution  

  • Dedicated account management team that helps work with you & your advisers to support education & growth of the proposition  

  • Specialist compliance & regulatory support to guide your organisation through any Consumer Duty or regulatory permission considerations 

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